Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Drugs, Baby"

I can say it is a somber muse;
The one that comes from drug abuse

Innocence born craving
And the opiate enslaving

A product of her mom’s addiction
Withdrawal-her unfair affliction

Sleepless hours, frantic cries
Jitters, fevers, questioning eyes

And, Mom, it’s hard to face the truth
Baby’s sick ‘cause of your drug use.

I’ve never walked in your shoes,
but can I ask what made you choose

to ignore the damage you would cause
and keep taking drugs without pause?

**Unfortunately, I take care of a lot of babies born addicted to drugs.  At this time, there are 8 "drug babies" in our unit.  I got to shower one of them with love last night.  She is beautiful and sweet, and it makes me sad to see her struggling with something that could have been prevented. 

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  1. ugh...this twists the guts a imagine the babies that dont know what is going on other than they hurt from withdrawl...makes me sad as well...

  2. Broken lives breeding broken lives. I've seen the damages you write so poignantly about.

  3. a friend of mine is working as a children's nurse as well and has told me about babies, born addicted because their moms took sad and such a hard start into the world...makes my stomach hurt..

  4. So sad...I admire the work that you do..and spreading the love..a great thing!

  5. Powerful and gut-wrenching. I hate that for all involved.

  6. You are a very special girl Caty....

  7. Like the rhyme but this is not sublime. Wonderful work that you do though, addicted upon first entering is awful.

  8. Oh and meant the topic wasn't sublime, the verse was grand, well done.

  9. Such a difficult topic, I take off my hat to your willingness to face it head on.

  10. This is so wrote it very well ~


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