Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You Jump, I Jump

I plunged into my salvation
ready for rebirth,
raptured by your potency
I found myself, unearthed. 
I welcomed the elation,
as if basking in a dream.
I fell head over heels, but
then, you pulled the string-
A sudden change in (e)motion;
my fascination lost its breadth,
You and me were done
before I caught my breath.

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**And yes, I really did jump out of a perfectly good airplane-actually the little plane was making me nervous and I was glad to get outta there ;).  It's probably been about 3 or 4 yrs since I did the skydive, but I would "jump" at the chance to do it again!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dead Silence

                                    River, Marina Moevs, 2005

The destruction arrived mute.
Never heard it coming,
although the sharp bladed
prickling around my heart
may have been a clue,
a premonition,
call it intuition,
a reflection of what
was to be…
But I discounted it
and the voiceless bane
crept on in, turning
my thoughts insane.
And the silence, it
hangs like a nimbus gorged
on my unanswered questions.
My core uprooted,
I scatter speculation
like driftwood-combing the
reasons for your
absence, while you
silently cease to exist
in all but memory.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012


New Year’s resolutions-
how many made actually take?
Most of them need just a day,
an hour, to break.
Reflecting on this last year-
The choices made, those that
stemmed from hope, those that
stemmed from fear-
Will we use this, our past,
what's been learned,
to take chances at last
and to change how we
embrace each day
or in our stale safe place
will we stay?

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**One of my resolutions is to take the time to sit down, write, and post more often.  I started a new job this week (will still be working with premature babies, just in a different hospital), and my new schedule should allow me to write a bit more regularly; now if only my brain and my "pen" will cooperate!  

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, may it be filled with happiness, laughter, fulfilled wishes, and success :)