Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Her Mother and I

I am not her mother…
Her mother, who has sat for
eight months by her bed
holding on, holding her hands,
listening to beeps and
dings as the monitor lets us
in on the secrets of her heart.

I am not her mother…
who thinks she’s beautiful despite
her overgrown head, distended
diseased belly, despite her yellowed
eyes and bronzed skin caused
by all the liver damaging medicine,

I am not her mother…
a mother who’s sacrificed herself,
eight months of hoping for better
outcomes, suffering more bad news,
enjoying rare moments
graced by her smile, laughing
as her playful spirit remains, praying
to one day take her baby home.

I am her nurse…
as I listen to the beeps and dings, monitor
her vitals, hold her little hand, tend to their
needs, cherish their smiles, and hope
for better outcomes, I pray for that day, 
too, the day that mom will get to take
her baby home…

**I have been taking care of a little baby for at least 5 months now; she's been in the hospital since birth and will be 8 months old tomorrow.  Starting out at a little over a pound at birth, she has now reached 15lbs-but she's had a very long and hard road.  Premies are at risk for a large number of problems, and she has suffered them all.  She has had a total of 12 surgeries in her short 8 months.  Her mom is hoping to have her home by Christmas, but unfortunately it just isn't looking possible.  Her belly is not tolerating, and never really has, any food.  But we're gonna keep trying; she's proven herself a fighter.  I've fallen in love with this little angel-who can so easily bring a smile to my face-and her amazing strong parents.  I'm praying that they'll get their Christmas wish. 

**Although she started out that little, the photo is not her; I found it from stock photos at google images.  I'm linking up to OLN over at dVerse~Poets pub.  There's some pretty terrific finds over there :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seconds (160)

"Make every second
count," most say.
86,400 occur a day
seamlessly ticking away.
86,400 chances
to improve your
and just as many to not.

**what can you say in 160 characters, including spaces?  Go visit Monkey Man