Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cows and Kisses

It was a strange day When Harry Met Sally
at Four Weddings and a Funeral.
He embraced her in the church’s alley
where he cried for his dead uncle, O’Malley
shedding tears that soaked right through her shawl.

So Sally blotted his eyes and impatiently sighed,
“This is all Much Ado about Nothing, now.
We must get to My Best Friend’s Wedding, please abide.”
That’s when Sally heard the groom exclaim, “Runaway Bride!”
and turned to see her friend, Mary, fleeing on a cow.

Sally yelled, “it’s such a foolish sight to see one flee by cattle!”
Mary cried, “Well, you know I’ve Never Been Kissed
and worrying about it has left me Sleepless in Seattle.”
“Now, now, I know just who can help you with this battle.”
So Sad Harry kissed Prude Mary, and boy, was Groom pissed.

You see, everyone knows, There’s Something about Mary
She’s a Pretty Woman; she’s As Good As It Gets
She’s All That, just ask the groom, Sally, and Harry.
It’s Crazy Stupid Love; they know she’ll never marry,
for Mary has a new philosophy: "Friends with Benefits”.

**just having some fun with the movie prompt at Real Toads.  


  1. I'm sure you must have had great fun mashing all these film titles together.

  2. haha that was a lot of fun...i was familiar with many of them...when harry met sally is def a fav of mine too...

  3. This is a fun poem, good job!

  4. cute! i enjoyed the poem. it's fun to anticipate which movie might be next. of course i couldn't do it:)
    the photo is a little disturbing, honestly. that cow can't be comfortable. but i know the effect you were going for, i really like the piece itself.

  5. Oh yes, you did a wonderful job with movie titles. Excellent work. And I don't think any cows were harmed in the making of that photo.

    1. Thanks, K. I'm sure the cow wasn't pleased but she looks pretty unscathed :)

  6. I love, love, love this Caty! We must be close in age... I like all the same movies. Very clever of you!

  7. So clever and fun to read! YOU did a great job of making a story of the prompt~ Loved it~

  8. Sounds like it could make for a fun weekend of movie watching!


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