Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heaven's Gain

                            a grave at the Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow                          
You cradled my heart amid
those delicate appendages,
and now I shall lavish roses
over your tiny sarcophagus.
and while I will mourn
the end of your essence,
I shall persist and honor
your short, sweet existence.
Now I lay you down to sleep
I pray, sweet baby, may
you rest in peace.

**In memory of those babies lost over the 10 years I've been a NICU nurse.

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  1. "shall lavish roses
    over your tiny sarcophagus"

    my favorite

  2. there is just something wrong about babies having to stings my heart...and thank goodness for you and your coworkers....

  3. sad...powerful sentiments.

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    Hope to see you soon!
    Best wishes.
    Happy Creative Writing,

  4. Oh, that's sad, but a lovely tribute!

  5. Beautiful. I've said this before, but I don't know how you do what you do.

  6. i have so much respect for the work you're doing..not an easy job esp. when such things happen..a beautiful tribute

  7. ugh, heartbreaking yet such a tender and peaceful write.

  8. What you do for a living makes you a hero in my eyes. You have a beautiful strength Caty....this poem reflects that in it's love and beautiful tribute to those you have cared for.

  9. Such a thing should never occur, you truly are wonderful in what you do, can't be easy at all.

  10. Oh terribly sad. You bring out that sadness. There is something about writing about "essence" that is very precise here, when one thinks of a very tiny child. K.

  11. i can't imagine experiencing what you have experienced. i know the photo has been used in the magpie tales, but it really reflects upon the honor in death you give the babies in this incredibly personal piece.

  12. It's so sad to think of a life cut that short. Your words are a beautiful tribute.

  13. just beautiful. Love is NEVER wasted on anyone, the oldest or youngest, healthiest or sickest. It is as powerful a gift to give love as to receive it. This really is a touching poem. Thank you.

  14. Oh, just lovely.
    Nurses are wonderful and they make great bloggers, I think! One of my favorites is by another nurse (whose blog was a Blog of Note a few years ago).... here.

  15. Sad and hopeful, both.

    So pretty.

    The Collage Pirate


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