Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You Jump, I Jump

I plunged into my salvation
ready for rebirth,
raptured by your potency
I found myself, unearthed. 
I welcomed the elation,
as if basking in a dream.
I fell head over heels, but
then, you pulled the string-
A sudden change in (e)motion;
my fascination lost its breadth,
You and me were done
before I caught my breath.

**linking up to OLN over at ~dVerse poet's pub :)  
**And yes, I really did jump out of a perfectly good airplane-actually the little plane was making me nervous and I was glad to get outta there ;).  It's probably been about 3 or 4 yrs since I did the skydive, but I would "jump" at the chance to do it again!


  1. Nice...I would love to's on my bucket list...soon one day I hope!

  2. wow caty...impressive...have not done that...i have rappelled off a 300 foot cliff but never made that jump...crazy...smiles.

  3. this is entertaining, well done imagery.

    it is scary to me when one actually do it.

  4. oh are BRAVE!!!! awesome... flying....niiiice

  5. Great poem... That's something I've always thought about doing. I wouldn't want to make a habit of it, but just once floating down on a parachute would be heavenly.

  6. Caty...?
    Just checkin to see if you are OK...
    Are You?

  7. hey you...smiles...meant to come by last night but was wore are you?


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