Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Lies a Bumper Sticker Tells...


The sign on the church said,
“We have better sundays then
Baskin Robbins”-imagine my
disappointment when I went
in and didn’t get any ice cream…

That bumper sticker told me to
“Honk if you support quiet streets.”
Well everyone else started honking
too...and the streets, they weren’t so
quiet anymore…

That evangelist was on the billboard
informing us to prepare for the Rapture.
So May 21st, I gave away my assets
to those I was sure would be left behind, 
now I’m the one walking the streets wearing
fig leaves…wonder where I’ll be when
the world ends on October 21st?

I’ve been swindled by fabricated advertisements
telling me what's right and what's wrong,
Been bamboozled by their commercialism
that spreads like disease,
but I know one thing-
I am not alone in falling for this deceit…
welcome to America. 

**This is a post for Poetics-Bumper to Bumper hosted by Brian Miller over at dVerse ~Poets Pub.  Head on over  to the pub and hang out for a bit, make your presence known even :)   ~ the image was borrowed from Google Images~