Monday, November 21, 2011

An introvert's 160...

Even at my happy place-
the ocean-this weekend,
I was reminded the limit
of family bonding
one can endure-
This introvert is thrilled
that I'm back home-alone

**I'm a little late, but this is a post for Monkey Man's weekly Sunday 160.  What can you say in 160 characters?


  1. I can definitely relate to this. Even the people I love and enjoy can wear me out quickly. Quiet and solitude are good things.

  2. hehe i understand this...too much of a good thing you know...smiles...

  3. Most definitely. It's hard to be "on" for extended periods. Thanks for grunge a part if the Sunday 160.

  4. That'll teach me for commenting from my phone. Thanks for BEING a part of the Sunday 160.

    BTW - your comment about the ten-year-old was very sad.

  5. M.M. I laughed at your first comment b/c I assumed you were commenting from your phone; I suffer from smart phone typos too...

    ...the ten year old made me sad too. I have niece that age and couldn't imagine her being in that much pain to take such measures...makes me really sad...


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