Sunday, January 1, 2012


New Year’s resolutions-
how many made actually take?
Most of them need just a day,
an hour, to break.
Reflecting on this last year-
The choices made, those that
stemmed from hope, those that
stemmed from fear-
Will we use this, our past,
what's been learned,
to take chances at last
and to change how we
embrace each day
or in our stale safe place
will we stay?

**linking up to dVerse
**One of my resolutions is to take the time to sit down, write, and post more often.  I started a new job this week (will still be working with premature babies, just in a different hospital), and my new schedule should allow me to write a bit more regularly; now if only my brain and my "pen" will cooperate!  


  1. amazing wonders and resolutions for the year of 2012.

    best wishes.

  2. Caty, so true. This year I just chose a single word as a reminder: presence. I wish you ell in your new position. As an RN I worked with the other end of life for the most part with death and dying (hospice and LTC)

  3. Caty- I really do hope you make more time to write and post b/c I always enjoy your work. Thanks for your support, too.

  4. The pic is sooo true. One week and people seem to forget everything and back to normal. May safe place is getting a tad smelly, it's out of date and quite stale

  5. I hope you get to write and post and I wish you a happy new year!

  6. yep...out of the stale safe place and right into the new year head over heels...all the best for the new job and happy new year caty

  7. ah my new years resolution is also to try and write more - but like you the pen and brain can be most unwilling haha, so I don't see it going well! and indeed most of them are broken within an hour or a day! nice writing here, all the best for the new year!

  8. Ever notice how nice & mellow people are on the 1st? Nobody wants to be the one to start the year freaking out. But if we reflect from time to time throughout the year the way you suggest in your poem, perhaps we can minimize the panic and the broken promises to ourselves. I hope you find many beautiful and poetic moments this year.

  9. will we finally use what we learned and take chances...i like is about risk...i like the wisdom in approach you lay out in this...hey i look forward to seeing you around more...smiles...

  10. I hope you do find time indeed to write ~

    See you around and take care ~

    Happy New year ~

  11. I don't make them anymore. I just go in running.

    Best of luck. : )


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