Sunday, September 25, 2011


The smell of must and mold
in the small market had grown old.
His nose no longer crinkled
but his face with years had wrinkled.
Behind that counter, he looked bent
as if all his young years be spent
playing cashier to make his rent.

He had talents and he had skills
but he had to pay his bills.
The country had been painted
with recession, it was tainted.
As the job market became crinkled
his face with age, it wrinkled.
Behind that counter; his back bent
when all his years were spent
playing cashier to make his rent…

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  1. Nice repetitive phrases... I like the rhyming words.. crinkled, wrinkled. Recession times are sad days, specially when you need to pay the rent....reality bites.

  2. Well paced and lovely flow. Thanks for coming by to visit and following my blog.

  3. Caty....I came from seeing you as a new follower. Shame on me for not reading your old blog first. That is what brought me here the second time - To apologize.

  4. nice flowing repetitions and a sad state that he has to work at his age to pay rent. I like your blog header - I either have to write it down or take a picture of it too :)

  5. yay!!!!!! great to have you back and may this muse carry you well for a while...i feel the repitition not only in your words but his life...great to see you!

  6. This is very sad of what is happening today people are having to work so much longer to pay their bills and their rent it is sad that he still has t work in order to pay his rent

  7. True story, nice character capture, and repetition well used here.

  8. Nice poem! I love the repetition of playing cashier to make his rent. I know the feeling! Working full-time and wishing I could answer my muse instead. Ah! To spend my days painting, drawing, writing....thanks for this poem.

  9. Even the market has grown old. My goodness.

    Nice to see you back, Caty

  10. Beautiful prose. So sad though because it's true. We all have some much tougher times ahead.
    Thanks for visiting me and the nice comment.

  11. I think this is the first poem that I have found that has dealt with the reality of what many are going through. Wonderful, wonderful, piece.


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